Feng Shui

The Living Earth Manual

Stephen Skinner

191 Pages, ISBN 978 08048 3758 3     
Tuttle Publishing 1976, reprint 2006     

In Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual, Stephen Skinner - the man who introduced the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to English-speaking audiences - shows how feng shui's time-tested techniques can improve your luck and bring you prosperity, peace, and happiness.

Stressing the importance of living in harmony with nature, feng shui is now practiced around the world by people from all walks of life. Its wisdom can be applied to everything from the largest bustling neighborhood to the smallest room in you home.

This landmark book introduces the history and philosophy of feng shui, explaining its schools of thought as well as their practical techniques. It offers clear guidance for anyone who wants to use feng shui to improve their lives: Use it to decide where to build your dream house, to choose the perfect apartment, or to change the layout and design of your current living space, making it really work for you. Stephen Skinner's interpretation of this ancient and valuable Chinese tradition provides indispensable advice.

Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual is both the perfect introduction to feng shui and a wonderful way for those already familiar with its principles to put it to use - whatever their situation.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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