Meeting The Other Crowd

The Fairy Stories of Hidden Ireland

"Mr. Lenihan is one of the few traditional storytellers - seanchai in Gaelic - still working in Ireland" - The New York Times

Eddy Lenihan & Carolyn Eve Green

333 Blz., ISBN 1 58542 206 1     
Penguin Group, 2004     

"The Other Crowd," "The Good People," "The Wee Folk," and "Them" are a few of the names given to the fairies by the people of Ireland. Honored for their gifts and feared for their wrath, the fairies remind us to respect the world we live in and the forces we cannot see.

In these tales of fairy forts, fairy trees, ancient histories, and modern true-life encounters with The Other Crowd, Eddie Lenihan opens our eyes to this invisible world with the passion and bluntness of a seanchai, a true Irish storyteller.

"A masterful collection... Lenihan uncovers a world rarely seen before - a hidden Ireland finally brought to light."
- Meredith Bigler, The Bloomsbury Review

"Enchanting... Lenihan may be Ireland´s most celebrated storyteller." - Michael Pakenham, The Baltimore Sun

"This is not quaint fluff but the powerfull, sometimes disturbing lore of a world parallel to and ocasionally intersecting ours... compulsively readable." - Booklist (starred review)

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