The New View over Atlantis

John Michell

224 Pages, ISBN 0 500 27312 X     
Published by Thames and Hudson 1969, fully revised edition 1983     

Fully revised with much new material.

John Michell's unrivalled introduction to megalithic science, earth mysteries and the inner meaning of number and measure.

Across much of the earth's surface are ancient earthworks and stone monuments built for an unknown purpose. Their shared features suggest that they were originally part of a world wide system; and John Michell argues that they served the elemental science of the archaic civilization which Plato referred to as Atlantis. In this connection the most significant modern discovery is that of 'leys', the mysterious network of straight lines which link the ancient places of Britain and have their counterparts in China, Australia, South America and widely elswhere.
John Michell's recent studies of ancient measures, such as the foot and mile as used today and the corresponding units of the Greeks, Romans, Jews and Egyptians, have enabled him to define their exact values; and the same units recur in the dimensions of monuments all over the world, from Stonehenge to Teotihuacán. They reveal the builders' knowledge of the size and shape of the spheroidal earth, and with it the outlines of their cosmology.
Clues to the nature of prehistoric science, drawn from archaeology, astronomy, geology and other studies, confirm that traditional sacred places were centres of natural magic, used as such by Druids and other ancient adepts who possessed knowledge, since lost, of the earth's vital energies. Current researches point to the rediscovery of a principle in nature which could revolutionize our understanding - and our treatment - of our native planet.

'One of the great seminal books of our generation - a book which will be argued about for decades to come.'
- Colin Wilson

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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